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Master Theses

  • Giovanni Chellini, 20 October 2020: Using satellites remote sensing techniques to study humidity inversions in the Arctic atmosphere
  • Tobias Böck, 13 October 2020: Atacama Moisture Supply with MWR
  • Artur Kremer, 29 September 2020: Temperature profiling with ground-based microwave radiometers during the SOFOG3D campaign
  • Andreas Walbröl, 25 September 2020: Benefit of microwave remote sensing for analysing the thermodynamic structure of Atmospheric Rivers: Master Thesis Walbroel
  • Darragh Kenny, 25 September 2020: Using a high-resolution reanalysis dataset to analyse extreme events in power production
  • Katharina Jentzsch, 23 June 2020: Process-oriented study on events of unusual winter time CO2 fluxes at Bayevela site, Spitsbergen
  • Sarah Westbrook, 14 January 2020: Investigation of the diurnal cycle of stratocumulus cloudsat the Northern coast of Chile.
  • Johannes Vieten, 2 September 2019: Development of an automatic radar-based storm identification, tracking and nowcasting algorithm
  • Leonie von Terzi, 2 September 2019: How does the snowflake structure affect its scattering properties
  • Sybille Y. Schoger, 25 June 2019: Snowfall rate retrieval from ground-based in situ and radar measurements, based on submitted thesis, edited version: pdf
  • Clara Betancourt, 16 May 2019: Lagrangian particle dispersion modeling of stable carbon isotope ratios to track the chemical aging of biomass burning aerosol
  • Muhammad Arsalan Afzal, 11 September 2018: Determination of CBL height using ground based MWR & Radiosonde over one site in Jülich, Germany
  • Leif-Leonhard Kliesch, March 2018: Cloud liquid water path observations within the trade wind environment on Barbados
  • Sabrina Schnitt, January 2016: Evaluation of tradewind cloud properties using a passive airborne microwave radiometer during the NARVAL campaign, Physics Department, University of Cologne, 81 p. pdf
  • Nils Küchler, Februar 2015: Characterization and Improvement of Absolute Calibration Techniques for Microwave Radiometers
  • Tobias Marke, Dezember 2014: Statistical retrieval of thin liquid cloud microphysical properties using ground-based infrared and microwave observations.
  • Dominique Yuen, 2014: Estimation of German Photovoltaic Generation based on Numerical Weather Prediction.
  • Christina Schleicher, Mai 2012: Wolken in Beobachtung und Modell an einer Station im Schwarzwald
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