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Radiation Sensors

Mentor: B. Bohn


Two pyranometers (CMP 21), a pyrheliometer (CHP 1) and a pyrgeometer (CGR 4) are used to measure solar shortwave radiation and terrestrial longwave radiation. One pyranometer receives total downward solar irradiance. The other instruments are mounted on a suntracker (SOLYS 2) measuring diffuse downward solar irradiance (shaded pyranometer), direct solar irradiance (pyrheliometer) and terrestrial downward irradiance (shaded pyrgeometer). All instruments were produced and calibrated by Kipp&Zonen B.V., Netherlands.




Period Place Project
April 2014 - today Forschungszentrum Jülich JOYCE

Total solar irradiance measurements started in 2006, pyrgeometer measurments in 2011, suntracker measurements in 2014.


Parameter Specification Remark
Total solar irradiance (CMP 21) Secondary standard (WMO)
Diffuse solar irradiance (CMP 21) Secondary standard (WMO) shaded
Direct solar irradiance (CHP 1) First class (WMO) tracked
Terrestrial irradiance (CGR 4) Certified calibration shaded
Manufacturer Kipp & Zonen B.V., NL
Data logger (CR3000) 16-bit 5 s time resolution
Manufacturer Campbell Scientific Inc., UK
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