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Raymetrics Raman Lidar

Mentor: N.N.


The Raymetrics raman lidar provides continuous (24/7), unattended day and night temperature, water vapor, backscatter coefficient and extinction profiling within the atmospheric boundary layer, through the entrainment zone and into the free troposphere, at a fixed location.

The system can measure the following parameters:

  • Atmospheric temperature profile
  • Water vapor mixing ratio profile
  • Aerosol extinction, backscatter
  • Depolarization coefficient profiles



  • If you are interested in receiving data please contact the instrument mentor: N.N.
  • Add link to data browser


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Parameter Unit Value
Emission wavelengthnm355
Rotational Raman Channels for Temperature detectionnm355
Telescope diameter (monoaxial design)mm400
Elastic Backscatter channelnm355
Depolarization Channelnm355
Effective range (day)km0,4 - 4,0
Effective range (night)km0,4 - 20
Spatial resolution (user adjustable)m60 - 900
Temporal resolution (30 min standart)min10 - 90
Laser repetition rateHz10
Laser energymJ200
Laser typeND:YAG
Water Vapor profilesDusk to dawn measurements 408nm & 387nm channel
HumidityTypical accuracy 5%. Resolution 0.1 g / Kg
Temperature accuracy<2K
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