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Where graphic design meets atmospheric science

We make use of Blender and its path-tracing engine to realistically render three-dimensional cloud fields from Large-Eddy Simulations (LES). These are not just for show, but can also be used as “instrument simulators”, mimicking the way visual instruments like Total Sky Imagers (TSI) or other hemispheric cameras view the world. This allows a fair comparison between model and measurements.

More info on Blender here:

Below is an gallery of rendering images of some of our LES simulations.

A few animations, including TSI movies, are posted here:

DALES clouds at JOYCE on 24 July 2014

Bird's eye view of convective LES clouds TSI projection of LES clouds TSI pixel classification from the blender image above

LES clouds for 11 June 2016 at the ARM SGP site

Birds eye view of MicroHH clouds, with a MODIS satellite image as the surface TSI projection of DALES clouds

DALES clouds during EUREC4A

HALO view of DALES cloud population including a cold pool. The horizontal domain size is 50x50 km2, resolved at 100m resolution ATR view of clouds on the edge of the cold pool

DALES Arctic clouds over open water as observed during ACLOUD RF20

View from the P5 aircraft above the cloud deck View from the P6 aircraft within the cloud deck Polarstern TSI view (if it would have been in the area)

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