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Rain gauges (GOP-1)

Name Code PI Location No. Stations Temp. Reso. Products Data/Day Availability
Berlin high density rain gauge network rai_berl Reimer Berlin area 60 5 min RR
German water authorities and environmental agencies rai_wafe Mathes Germany 200 5 min RR
not yet
DWD online available gauges rai_dwd1 Hanisch Germany ∼700
1 h
1 min
RR ∼600 KB check
DWD climate stations rai_dwd2 Hanisch Germany ∼3000 1 day RR
not yet
DWD Ranie1 product - gauge only rai_dwd3 Hanisch Germany gauge analysis 6 h RR ∼400 KB check
DWD Ranie2 product - gauge plus radar rai_dwd4 Hanisch Germany gauge and radar analysis 6 h RR ∼400 KB check
DWD Regnie product (first) rai_dwd5 Hanisch Germany gauge analysis (all stations) 1 day RR ∼300 KB check
DWD Regnie product (final) rai_dwd6 Hanisch Germany quality-checked gauge analysis (all stations including climate stations) 1 day RR ∼300 KB not yet

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