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Weather radar (GOP-2)

Weather radars measure the range resolved radar reflectivity factor (Z) in dBZ from which the surface rain rate (RR) is commonly derived using Z-RR relations of the form Z=a·RR^b. In addition Doppler radars provide the radial velocity (v) and sometimes also the spectral width (σ). Polarimetric radars can also observe the differential reflectivity (ZDR) and the linear depolarization ration (LDR).

For GOP operational radar products by the DWD network and original 3-D radar measurements will be made available. Research radars operated by universities, research centers and DWD will also be included. The PQP project VERIPREG (Paulat et al. 2005) will produce hourly precipitation maps from a combination of radar (composite of precipitation scans) and in situ rain gauge data. The PQP project QUEST will use the 3D radar reflectivities to evaluate the forecasted hydrometeor distributions via forward simulation by a polarimetric radar operator.

Name Code PI Location Temp. Reso. Products Data/Year Availability
Bonn X-band radar rad_xbbn Simmer Bonn 5 min Z, v ∼200 GB not yet
DWD research radar rad_cbhp Seltmann Hohenpeissenberg 15 min Z, LDR, ZDR, v, KDP ∼300 GB not yet
FZK C-band radar rad_cbka Beheng Karlsruhe 5(Z),10(v) min Z, v ∼1 MB not yet
RMI radar rad_brmi Delobbe Wideumont, Belgium 15 min Z, v check
DWD 3D radar data rad_dwdn Mammen 16 radar sites 15 min Z, v, σ ∼250 GB check
International composit (PI) rad_rapi Hanisch Central Europe 15 min Z ∼1 MB check
DWD national composite (RY) rad_rary Hanisch Germany 5 min RR ∼30 MB check
Radar quality product (QY) rad_raqy Hanisch Germany 5 min quality flag ∼3 MB check
DWD product for latent heat nudging rad_ralh Koziar Germany 5 min RR ∼10 MB check
RADOLAN DWD product rad_rarw Hanisch Germany 1 h RR ∼3 MB check

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