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Lightning networks (GOP-6)

Continuous observations by two lightning networks which both distinguish between cloud to ground (CG) and intra cloud (IC) lightnings will be made available:

  1. The Surveillance et Alerte Foudre par Interférometrie Radioélectrique (SAFIR) total lightning detection system in Northern Germany of the University of Hannover
  2. The joint lightning location system of DLR and University of Munich (LINET) operates numerous sensors in Europe. LINET gives 2D- and 3D-locations.

:linet_map_europe.png :safir_map.png

Name Code PI Location Specifics Products Data/Day Availablity
LINET VLF Network lit_bava Betz Europe flash emission height IC and CG
SAFIR VHF network lit_noge Hauf Northern Germany position of lightings within all events per day
IC and CG ∼50 KB check

Data only available when lightning occurs. File size strongly depends on lightning activity.
SAFIR VHF network: No data available for Ruthe station from 13.02.2007 (12 UTC) until 19.10.2007. Temporal problems at Sehnde station from 22.08.2007 until 13.09.2007. Therefore, no lightning data at all available for that time.

Susanne Crewell 2007/03/25 12:52

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