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Working group members are given in bold.


MWI-ICI Science Advisory Group, Eriksson, P., S. Bühler, S. Crewell, C. Prigent: Atmospheric sounding in the 193 – 314 GHz frequency region,


Mattioli, V. C. Accadia; C. Prigent; S. Crewell; A. Geer; P. Eriksson; S. Fox; J. R. Pardo-Carrión; E. Mlawer; M. Cadeddu; M. Bremer; C. De Breuck; A. Smette; D. Cimini; E. Turner; M. Mech; F. S. Marzano; P. Brunel; J. Vidot; R. Bennartz; T. Wehr; S. Di Michele; V. John: Atmospheric Gas Absorption Knowledge in the Sub-Millimeter: Modeling, field measurements, and uncertainty quantification, Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc.,, 2019.

MWI-ICI Science Advisory Group, W. Bell, S. Bühler, S. Crewell, P. Eriksson, A. Geer, J.-F. Mahfouf, F. S. Marzano, C. Prigent, R. Tonboe, 2019: Microwave Imager (MWI) - Ice Cloud Imager (ICI) Science Plan, link

Schubotz, W., D. Klocke, U. Löhnert, A. Macke, B. Stevens, A. Wing, 2019: An international conference that presents current advances in simulating and observing atmospheric processes, Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc.,

Wilson, A. M., W. Chapman, A. Payne, A. M. Ramos, C. Boehm, D. Campos, J. Cordeira, R. Garreaud, I. V. Gorodetskaya, J.J. Rutz, C. Viceto, F.M. Ralph: Training the Next Generation of Researchers in the Science and Application of Atmospheric Rivers, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, accepted 25 November 2019


Ebell. K, S.Crewell, 2018: Bodengebundene Strahlungsschließung als Qualitätsmaß für Fernerkundungsmethoden, in PROMET: Strahlungsbilanzen, Heft 100, 75-83.

Ghate, V. P., P. Kollias, S. Crewell, A. M. Fridlind, T. Heus, U. Löhnert, M. Maahn, G. M. McFarquhar, D. Moisseev, M. Oue, M. Wendisch, C. Williams, 2018: The Second ARM Training and Science Application Event: Training the Next Generation of Atmospheric Scientists, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-18-0242.1


Schröder, M., Lockhoff, M., Shi, L., August, T., Bennartz, R., Borbas, E., Brogniez, H., Calbet, X., Crewell, S., Eikenberg, S., Fell, F., Forsythe, J., Gambacorta, A., Graw, K., Ho, S.-P., Höschen, H., Kinzel, J., Kursinski, E.R., Reale, A., Roman, J., Scott, N., Steinke, S., Sun, B., Trent, T., Walther, A., Willen, U., Yang, Q., 2017: GEWEX water vapor assessment (G-VAP). WCRP Report 16/2017; World Climate Research Programme (WCRP): Geneva, Switzerland; 216 pp. link

Wickert, J., R. Potthast, G. Dick and S. Crewell, 2017: Germany – MC status report, GNSS4SWEC COST ES1206 final report.

Kneifel, S., U. Löhnert, B. Pospichal, and S. Crewell, 2017: Unterkühltes Flüssigwasser - Langzeitliche Messungen an der UFS liefern die Basis für verbesserte globale Messmethoden. UFS Wissenschaftliche Resultate 2015/2016. pdf

Wendisch, M., M. Brückner, J. P. Burrows, S. Crewell, K. Dethloff, K. Ebell, Ch. Lüpkes, A. Macke, J. Notholt, J. Quaas, A. Rinke, and I. Tegen, 2017: Understanding causes and effects of rapid warming in the Arctic. Eos, 98, page 22-26 doi:10.1029/2017EO064803. Published on 17 January 2017.


Banks, R. F., S. Crewell, S. Henkel, and J. M. Baldasano, 2016: Training network for young atmospheric researchers, Eos, 97, doi:10.1029/2016EO045899. Published on 16 February 2016. Article


Orlandi, E. S. Kneifel, U. Löhnert, and H. Russchenberg, 2015: 1st ACTRIS Cloud Radar Calibration Workshop, Cologne, 28-29 Sept. 2015 Workshop Minutes


Klepp, C., F. Ament, S. Bakan, L. Hirsch, B. Stevens, A. Fix, S. Groß, M. Hagen, A. Schäfler, M. Wirth, F. Jansen, A. Hansen, H. Konow, S. Crewell, M. Mech, E. Orlandi, 2014: NARVAL Campaign Report. Reports on Earth System Science, No 164, Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology. Report


Illingworth A.J., D. Ruffieux, D. Cimini, U. Löhnert, M. Haeffelin, and V. Lehmann (Eds.), 2013: COST Action ES0702 EG-CLIMET – Final Report, doi:10.12898/ES0702FR pdf


U.S./European Workshop on Climate Change Challenges and Observations, Washington DC, November 6–8, 2012 DOE-SC/0154, prepared by the Climate and Environmental Sciences division within the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Office of Biological and Environmental Research, pdf

Hardesty, R.M., R.M. Hoff, F.T. Carr, T. Weckwerth, S. Koch, A. Benedetti, S. Crewell, D. Cimini, D. Turner, W. Feltz, B. Demoz, V. Wulfmeyer, D. Sisterson, T. Ackerman, F. Fabry, K. Knupp, R.E. Carbone, R.J. Serafin, 2012: Thermodynamic Profiling Technologies Workshop Report to the National Science Foundation and the National Weather Service, Ed. R. Michael Hardesty and Raymond M. Hoff, editors and co-chairs, National Center for Atmospheric Research (U.S.), Research Earth Observing Laboratory Thermodynamic Profiling Technologies Workshop Boulder, CO April 12-14, 2011.pdf

2010 and before

Crewell, S., U. Löhnert, M. Mech, C. Simmer, 2010: Mikrowellenradiometrie für Wasserdampf- und Wolkenbeobachtungen, in “PROMET: Fernmessung von Wasserdampf und Wolken I”, Jahrgang 36 Heft 3/4, 109-118 2010.

Sreerekha, T. R., C. Emde, N. Courcoux, C. Teichmann, S. A. Buehler, U. Löhnert, M. Mech, S. Crewell, A. Battaglia, P. Eriksson, B. Rydberg, C. Davis, C. Jimenez, S. English and A. Doherty, 2006: Development of an RT model for frequencies between 200 and 1000 GHz Final Report, ESTEC Contract No 17632/03/NL/FF.

Kneifel, S., S. Crewell, and U. Löhnert, 2005: HUBOLA - Comparison of humidity data from the ATOVS and SEVIRI system with ground based radiosonde, microwave radiometer and GPS measurements, Final Report for CM-SAF.pdf

Crewell, S., 2005: Cloud Observation and Modelling, pp 151-161, in International BALTEX Secretariat, Publication No. 31, October 2005: BALTEX PHASE I, 1993-2002, State of the Art Report. Editors: Daniela Jacob and Anders Omstedt, 181 pages.

Crewell, S., J.-P. Chaboureau, H. Czekala, D. Feist, M. Mech, C. Prigent, and I. Meirold-Mautner, 2005: Simulation study of precipitating clouds from geostationary orbits with passive microwaves, Final Report for Eumetsat, 90 pages, 15 August 2005.

Crewell, S., C. Simmer, A. Feijt, and E. van Meijgaard, 2003: BALTEX BRIDGE Cloud Liquid Water Network: CLIWA-NET, International BALTEX Secretariat, Publication No. 26, July 2003, 53 pages.

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