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A QR-code is the most abundant form of a 2D-barcode. QR-codes can be read by e.g. smartphone apps, programs or special scanners. They can provide text information but also links to websites, e-mail adresses, telphone numbers etc.

This one:

go to

links to the JOYCE website. Scanned with a smart phone it will provide the web adress and eventually directly direct to it. It might be used on poster and talks.

There are lots of websites which allow you to generate QR-codes. The one above has been generated on

Some providers allow to include Logos wich mostly means you have to register and sometimes pay for a designer…

An alternative is this page: It uses the reduntant information in the QR-code for error correction to include a logo. Using a high contrast version of the JOYCE logo could look like this:

go to

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