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ExOb: Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Please send an email to the author in order to receive a copy of the article.
Working group members are given in bold. File naming convention: author_et_al_yyyy_journal.pdf


Burgos-Cuevas A., Magaldi-Hermosillo A., Adams D.K., Grutter de la Mora M., García-Franco J.L., Ruiz-Angulo A. , 2022: Boundary layer height characteristics in Mexico City from two remote sensing techniques, Boundary-Layer Meteorology, submitted 22 February, 2022

Griewank, P., M. Weissmann, T. Necker, T. Nomokonova, U. Löhnert, 2022: Ensemble-based estimates of the impact of potential observations, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, submitted 02 June, 2022.

Martinet, P., V. Unger, F. Burnet, J-F. Georgis, M. Hervo, T. Huet, U. Löhnert, E. Miller, E. Orlandi, J. Price, M. Schröder, G. Thomas, 2022: Database of temperature, humidity and liquid water path retrievals from a fog dedicated network of ground-based microwave radiometers, Bulletin of Atmospheric Science and Technology, submitted March 18, 2022

Nomokonova T., P. Griewank, U. Löhnert, T. Miyoshi, T. Necker, M. Weissmann, 2022: Benefits of Doppler wind lidars to improve short-term low-level wind forecasts, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, submitted 15 March, 2022.

Schween, J. H., C. del Rio, J.-L. García, P. Osses, S. Westbrook, and U. Löhnert: Life Cycle of Stratocumulus Clouds over one Year at the Coast of the Atacama Desert, Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss. [preprint],, in review, 2022.

Wendisch et al. (incl. T. Nomokonova), 2021: Atmospheric and Surface Processes, and Feedback Mechanisms Determining Arctic Amplification: A Review of First Results and Prospects of the (AC)³ Project, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, submitted 21 December 2021

Burgos-Cuevas A., Ruiz-Angulo A., Ramos-Musalem K., Palacios-Morales C, Gacrcia-Molina C., 2022: Experimental downslope gravity currents over a synthetic topography , Atmosfera, in review, 2022.



Acquistapace, C., R. Coulter, S. Crewell, A. Garcia-Benadi, R. Gierens, G. Labbri, A. Myagkov, N. Risse, and J. H. Schween: EUREC4A's Maria S. Merian ship-based cloud and micro rain radar observations of clouds and precipitation, Earth System Science Data, Special Issue: Elucidating the role of clouds–circulation coupling in climate: datasets from the 2020 (EUREC4A) field campaign, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 14, 33–55, 2022,

Steinheuer, J., Detring, C., Beyrich, F., Löhnert, U., Friederichs, P., and Fiedler, S.: A new scanning scheme and flexible retrieval for mean winds and gusts from Doppler lidar measurements, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 15, 3243–3260,, 2022.


Beekmans, C. J. Schween, M. Lennefer, C. Simmer, 2021: Comparison of Cloud Motion Vector Profiles Derived from Ground-Based Hemispheric Stereocameras to Wind-Lidar Observations. Meteorologische Zeitschrift , 10.1127/metz/2021/1069

Böhm, C., J. H. Schween, M. Reyers, B. Maier, U. Löhnert, S. Crewell, 2021: Towards a climatology of fog frequency in the Atacama Desert via multi-spectral satellite data and machine learning techniques, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology

Crewell, S., K. Ebell, P. Konjari, M. Mech, T. Nomokonova, A. Radovan, D. Strack, A. M. Triana Gomez, S. Noel, R. Scarlat, G. Spreen, M. Maturilli, A. Rinke, I. Gorodetskaya, C. Viceto, T. August, and M. Schröder, 2021: A systematic assessment of water vapor products in the Arctic: from instantaneous measurements to monthly means, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions,

García, J.L., F. Lobos-Roco, J.H. Schween, C. del Río, P. Osses, R. Vives, Ma. Pezoa, A. Siegmund, C. Latorre, F. Alfaro, M.A. Koch, U. Löhnert, 2021: Climate and coastal low-cloud dynamic in the hyperarid Atacama fog Desert and the geographic distribution of Tillandsia landbeckii (Bromeliaceae) dune ecosystems. Plant Systematics and Evolution (Springer Nature), 307, 57,

Kneifel, S., S. Crewell, U. Löhnert, B. Pospichal, L. von Terzi, M. Hagen, B. Mayer, T. Zinner, M. Puh, 2021: Long-term cloud and precipitation statistics observed with remote sensors at the high-altitude Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus in the German Alps, Meteorologische Zeitschrift,

Stephan, C., C. Acquistapace, T. Böck, S. Schnitt, et al., 2021: Ship- and island-based atmospheric soundings from the 2020 EUREC4A field campaign, Earth System Science Data, 13, 491–514,

Turner, D. D. and U. Löhnert, 2021: Ground-based temperature and humidity profiling: combining active and passive remote sensors, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 14, 3033–3048,

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