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Contributions to Books

Vehrs, H.P. and N. Küchler: Lehren im interdisziplinären Team: das Team als Lerngegenstand Neues Handbuch Hochschullehre, DUZ Medienhaus, accepted October 2018

Crewell, S., M. Wendisch, U. Loehnert, 2019: Passive Solar and Microwave Spectral Radiometers, in Springer Handbook of Atmospheric Measurements, Ed. T. Foken, accepted.

Saunders, R., S. Crewell, R. Gelaro, P.J. Minnett, V-H. Peuch, J. Schmetz, D. Turner and C. Velden, 2015:
Observations for global to convective scale models, In: World Meteorological Organization, Seamless Prediction of the Earth System: from Minutes to Months, (G Brunet, S Jones, PM Ruti Eds.), (WMO-No. 1156), (ISBN 978-92-63-11156-2), Geneva.

Wendisch, M., P. Pilewskie, B. Bohn, A. Bucholtz, S. Crewell, C. Harlow, E. Jäkel, K. S. Schmidt, R. Shetter, J. Taylor, D. D. Turner, and M. Zöger, 2012: Atmospheric Radiation Measurements, In: Airborne Measurements for Environmental Research – Methods and Instruments –, Ed. Manfred Wendisch and Jean–Louis Brenguier, Wiley.,descCd-authorInfo.html

Pospichal, B., and S. Crewell, 2010:
Observations of the Lower Atmosphere Over West Africa Using Ground-Based Remote Sensing Instruments.
In “Integrated Ground-Based Observing Systems-Applications for Climate, Meteorology, and Civil Protection”, Chapter II.8, pp. 281-295, Eds. D.Cimini, F. S. Marzano and G. Visconti, Springer SBN 978-3-642-12967-4. online pdf

Battaglia, A., C. Simmer, S. Crewell, H. Czekala, C. Emde, F. Marzano, M. Mishchenko, J. Pardo and C. Prigent, 2006:
Emission and scattering by clouds and precipitation.
In: Thermal Microwave Radiation: Applications for Remote Sensing, Chapter 3, pp. 101–242, Edited by C. Maetzler, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, ISBN 0 86341 573 3.

Crewell, S., 2005:
Hydrological applications of remote sensing: Atmospheric states and fluxes: Water vapor and clouds (passive/active techniques).
Chapter 65, pp. 981-996, in Encyclopedia of Hydrological Sciences, Wiley & Sons, Edited by M G Anderson John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., ISBN: 0-471-49103-9.

Drusch, M., and S. Crewell, 2005:
Hydrological applications of remote sensing: Basic Principles and Sensors: Radiative Transfer.
Chapter 46, pp.659-672, in Encyclopedia of Hydrological Sciences, Edited by M G Anderson John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., ISBN: 0-471-49103-9. online pdf

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