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GOP 2007

The main goal of the General Observation Period (GOP) within the Priority Programm on Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting is to gather a comprehensive data set suitable for testing hypotheses and new modeling techniques developed within PQP. The GOP encompasses the Convectively and Orographically induced Precipitation Study COPS performed in south-west Germany in summer 2007 both in time and space to provide information of all kinds of precipitation types and to relate the COPS results to a broader perspective (longer time series and larger spatial domain). The duration of one year will open up the possibility to statistically approach model problems and better pin down specific model weaknesses: Some problems e.g. initial and boundary conditions might cancel out when longer time series are considered. The GOP will therefore provide a basis for reaching the PQP goal: Determination and use of the potentials of existing and new data as well as process descriptions to improve QPF. To achieve this goal the GOP will

  • gather as many data about the atmospheric state as possible within an area covering Germany and it neighboring states. The Alpine states (e.g. Austria and Switzerland) are of special interest to include the complex orography and to connect with D-PHASE,
  • optimize the exploitation of existing instrumentation by gathering routine measurements normally not available to the scientific community,
  • focus on continuous/coordinated observations using existing instrumentations which are suitable for statistical evaluation,
  • focus on measurements, which are available in near real-time to enable a timely use within the PQP
  • perform a rigorous quality control, cross-checking, and error estimation of the data,
  • tailor the observations to model output (e.g., LM, D-PHASE forecasts),
  • enable an easy access to data, quicklooks and first order analysis to the PQP.

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