AXIS camera @ JOYCE

Images from Camera at JOYCE at 50°54'30.0"N+6°24'47.1"E. North is on top, east to the right. Move your mouse over the image.
Examples: 19.8.2016: cloud punch hole, 22.9.2016: Halo, 1.3.2018: Moon with Halo, stereo images, ...
Images made every 20sec with an AXIS M3027-PVE Fixed Dome Network Camera,
for details see this page. If its night and you see stars check here. If its daytime and you see contrails check here.
This is an 800x600 30% compression JPG image. For a maximum resolution image see here
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Cloudmask made with idl. Click on image to see full sequence.

position of the sun

Position of the sun in image with shortest exposure time.

Almukantar scan

Almukantar scan in image.

exposure Time

Exposure Time 1/12000sec (left) and 1/23sec (right), click on image to see full range of exposure times.


Gain 9dB (left) and 42dB (right), click onimage to see full range of Gains.
Gain is the amplification factor used to digitize the CCD measurements.


Wind derived from two consecutive images.
Top: the two images (45deg around zenith, rectified),
bottom: cross-correlation between these two images as isolines (left with 0.02 spacing) and grayscale (right, black=-1, white=+1).
The maximum in the cross correlation idenditfies the shift to achieve maximum agreement between both images
In the center of the images this is vector drawn in thick - if it could be derived.
Wind field is derived from sub-images. Color indicates correlation between shifted sub image: black=low correlation, red=high correlation.
One would expect the higher the correlaton the better the wind ...
Click on image to see more.

IR FIlter

IR filter Off (left) and On (right), click on image to compare.
CCD are relative sensitive in the near IR spectral range. To ensure good color representaion usually an IR-filter is used.
This camera has the possibility to move the IR-filter away (mechanically) which leads to higher sensitivity.


Every row in this image represents a horizontal line through an oringal image from a certain time in 20sec distance.