SFB1211 'Dry Limit' Meteo Stations

This map shows locations of the Dry Limit- and some other Meteo stations in the
Atacama desert. Isolines in the map identify 500m and 900m above sea level,
i.e. roughly the cloud base and cloud top height of the pacific stratocumuls.

HH2003 are the climate stations analysed in Houston and Hartley 2003

Denoted as Wind are stations of a joint project between German GTZ and
Chilean Ministero de Energia for, under more, the prospection
of wind and solar Energy in Chile (see this web page). Most of these stations
were running for about a year and moved then to another location.
Muñoz et al. (2013) used data from stations around Calama of this project.

Dry Limit identifies the stations installed by the German
'Earth evolution at the Dry Limit' project.
They are organized as follows:

  • Three transsects with 5(4) stations:
    • one station close to the coast
    • one station at around 2300m AMSL
    • stations are numbered from W to E
    • There is one 'Master' per transsect
  • Transsect 1 (21.5°S)
    • along lower Rio Loa.
    • corridor for fog from the pacific (Cereceda et al 2008)
    • Stations 1.2 and 1.3 since April 2017
    • complete since Sept. 2017
  • Transsect 2 (19.7°S)
    • gypsum desert in the norhtern Cordilliera Costal
    • and the alluvial fan along Quebrada Aroma
    • installed in March 2018
  • Transsect 3 (25°S)
    • Gradient from 'humid' Paposo to inland
    • along Quebrada Grande to Pampa Limon Verde
    • Installed in March 2018
  • Alto Patache (20.83°S)
    • at the Atacama Research Station in the Fog Oasis
      Alto Patache on the coastal cliff at ~800m AMSL
    • complementing and relying on decades of research there
    • Installed in March 2018
Instrumentation is as follows
  • Every station
    • wind speed (v) and direction (dir) (2m)
    • air temperature (Ta) and relative humidity (rH)
    • pressure (P), precipitation (prec),
    • solar radiation (SW dn+up)
    • surface temperature (Ts)
    • soil temperature (Tg, 5cm)
    • soil water content (SWC, 5cm)
    • (leaf) wetness
    • → 12+ Variables
  • Master stations additionally measure
    • second level (4m) of v, dir, Ta and rH
    • four components of radiation budget
    • (SW dn+up, LW dn+up)
    • ground heat flux (G, 5cm)
    • 4 additional levels of Tg and SWC (10-40cm)
    • → 29+ Variables
    • → Parameters allow caluclation of
      energy budget and turbulent fluxes

Plots of data from the Dry Limit stations:

If you have questions, or are interested in data, contact Jan H. Schween
This work is part of DFG funded SFB1211 'Earth evolution at the dry limit'
Data from the meteo stations is avaiallable via the projects data base .
Data has DOI 10.5880/CRC1211DB.1.