current data of jenoptik ceilometer

Current data from our our Jenoptik CHM15k-Nimbus ceilometer at JOYCE
grayshading: Normalized backscatter (SNR of signal)
red dots: detected first cloudbase from instrument
blue dots: lowest PBL from instrument

As before but only last hour and lowest 2km. Additionally further PBL guesses in green

Range corrected return signal in photon counts (top) and its vertical integral (bottom) (see O'Connor et al 2004).

Average SNR profile of last hour (solid), +/- its standard deviation (dashed) and minimum and maximum (dotted).

Average power profile of last hour (solid white), +/- its standard deviation (dashed white) and after range correction (solid green)

Total Cloudcover (white) and base cloud cover (red) as derived by the instrument.

Beta_raw at first_cbh as a function of height.

Internal status parameters of the instrument. For a description of the error flags see here.

Background signal etc in photon counts per laser pulse.

Background signal and stddev in total photon counts (mutliplication by laser pulses), and Background signal in SNR (division by stddev).

(c) Jan Schween 2013