Stereo images from Juelich

Left: Camera at JOYCE, right MIUB camera several hundred meters away.
The JOYCE camera is aligned to north and images are mirrored such that north is on top and east on the right.
The MIUB camera is not aligned, north is somewhere in the lower left corner and east somewhere in the lower right corner.

crossed-eye-view ?

This is a try for a crossed eye-view:
Right image (MIUB-camera) first flipped (top ↔ down) and rotated by 31 degrees (=> north on top and east on the right).
Then both images are rotated by 76 degrees such that rows in the images are parallel to the connecting line between both cameras.
I derived angles empirical - so it might be not perfect. For an explanation of crossed-eye-view see here.

animated composite

Move the mouse over the image ...

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