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 Photo: Holger Deckelmann (AWI) Photo: Holger Deckelmann (AWI)
-The **Jülich ObservatorY for Cloud Evolution** (JOYCE) is operated jointly by the [[|University of Cologne]]the [[|Research Centre Jülich]] and the Transregional Collaborative Research Centre "Patterns in Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere-SystemsMonitoringModelling and Data Assimilation" ([[|TR32]]).+AWIPEV ist the French-German Arctic Research Base operated by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research [[|(AWI)]] and the French Polar Institute Paul Emile Victor [[|(IPEV)]]. Within the Transregional Collaborative Research Centre TR 172 "ArctiC AmplificationClimate Relevant Atmospheric and SurfaCe Processes, and Feedback Mechanisms (AC)³" ([[|(AC)³]]), the University of Cologne collaborates with AWI in the long-term observations at the Atmospheric Observatory.
 ===== Scientific Goals ===== ===== Scientific Goals =====
-JOYCE instrumentation aims to observe spatial and temporal variability of atmospheric water cycle variables{{ youtube>small:gcdeuluWWEQ}}\\ +Within (AC)³, researchers at the University of Cologne, University Bremen and AWI will characterize the thermodynamic structure, clouds, aerosols, and trace gases in the atmospheric column at Ny-Ålesund on a long-term basisIn Cologne, the research focus is on remote sensing of the termodynamic structure and cloud macro- and microphysical properties using the synergy of the established observations at AWIPEV and new instrumentation, e.g. a cloud radar.  
-Specific goals are   +The ground-based observations at Ny-Ålesund will be in accompanied by satellite, aircraft and ship measurements, as well as modeling studies on various scales. 
-  * to disentangle water vapor variations due to advection and to local surface influence   + 
-  * to better understand the development of boundary layer clouds  +Specific scientific questions are   
-  * to analyse cloud radiation interaction +  * To what extent and with which accuracy can we gain insight into the thermodynamic, trace gas, aerosol and cloud macro- and microphysical properties at Ny-Ålesund? 
-  * to observe precipitation formation +  * What is their impact on the radiation and energy budget throughout the vertical extent from the surface to the lower mesosphere? 
 +  * How do Arctic low-level clouds respond to global climate change? 
 +  * How representative are the Ny-Ålesund observations across other Arctic sites?
 ===== Location ===== ===== Location =====
-[[,6.413537(HATPRO%40FZ+J%C3%BClich)&ie=UTF8&ll=50.908547,6.413537&spn=0.002496,0.004828&t=h&z=18&iwloc=addr|{{ :sites:joyce:joyce_landuse.png?300}}]]+{{ :sites:awipev:ny-alesund.jpg?300 |Ny-Ålesund map }} 
 <html> <html>
-<p>Most instruments are located on the roof of the Institute for Energy and Climate Research Troposphere <a href="">IEK-8</a> at the Research Centre Jülich embedded in an agricultural dominated landscape.+<p>Most instruments are located on the roof of the AWIPEV Atmospheric Observatory in the South of Ny-Ålesund (see map above).
 <ul> <ul>
-  <li><span style="color:black">Latitude: 50°54'30.77" N</span>50.908547°N</li> +  <li><span style="color:black">Latitude: 78° 5522.8" N</span>78.9230 °N</li> 
-  <li><span style="color:black">Longitude: 6°24'48.73" E</span> =  6.413536°E</li> +  <li><span style="color:black">Longitude: 11° 5515.6" E</span> =  11.9210 °E</li> 
-  <li><span style="color:black">Altitude: 111 m asl</span></li> +  <li><span style="color:black">Altitude: 11 m asl</span></li>
-  <li><a href="">Webcam</a></li>+
 </ul> </ul>
 </p> </p>
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 <br> <br>
 </html> </html>
-===== Data availability ===== 
-JOYCE provides a number of resources, which characterize the thermodynamic state of the atmospheric column including vertical profiles of temperarture, humidity and cloud macro- and microphysical properties as well as the aerosol loading. The data is freely accessible for scientific and educational purposes and may be obtained through direct contact to [[|Dr. U. Löhnert]].     
 ===== Quicklooks of products ===== ===== Quicklooks of products =====
-[[|Quicklook browser]]+[[|Quicklook browser]]
 ===== Instruments ===== ===== Instruments =====
-  * [[:instruments:aeri:aeri|Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer AERI]] +University of Cologne
-  * [[instruments:ceilo:ceilometer|Ceilometer CT25K]] +  * [[instruments:mirac:mirac|Microwaver radar/radiometer for Arctic clouds MiRAC]] 
-  * [[instruments:mira:mira|Cloud Radar JOYRAD-35]] +  * [[instruments:joyrad94:joyrad94|Cloud Radar JOYRAD-94]] (June 2016-July 2017) 
-  * [[instruments:joyrad94:joyrad94|Cloud Radar JOYRAD-94]] +  * [[instruments:mrrnya:mrrnya|Micro Rain Radar]] 
-  * [[instruments:tophat:tophat|Microwave Radiometer HATPRO-TOPHAT]] +  * [[instruments:parsivelnya:parsivelnya|Parsivel]] 
-  * [[instruments:mrr:mrr|Micro Rain Radar MRR]] +  * [[instruments:pluvionya:pluvionya|Pluvio]] 
-  * [[instruments:mfrsr:mfrsr|Multifilter Rotating Shadowband Radiometer MFRSR]] + 
-  * [[instruments:sodar:sodar|Sodar]] +AWIPEV (incomplete list): 
-  * [[instruments:tsi:tsi|Total Sky Imager TSI]] +  * Microwave Radiometer HATPRO 
-  * Polarimetric X-Band Radar [[|Sophienhöhe]] and [[|composite]] with Bonn +  * Ceilometer CL51 
-  * [[|Meteorology at 120 m tower]] +  * Wind lidar Windcube200 
-  * [[|Sun Photometer]]+  * GRUAN radiosondes
 ===== Internal ===== ===== Internal =====
-[[sites:joyce:internal|enter here]]+[[sites:awipev:internal|enter here]]
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