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   * If you are interested in receiving data please contact: [[[show]=42&tx_rggooglemap_pi1[poi]=42|U. Löhnert]]   * If you are interested in receiving data please contact: [[[show]=42&tx_rggooglemap_pi1[poi]=42|U. Löhnert]]
   * [[|quicklook archive]]   * [[|quicklook archive]]
-  * RHUBC-II: [[:instruments:tophat:quicklooks_rhubc2|quicklooks]] or [[|quicklooks]]+  
-  * Current observations: +<html> 
-{{}} \\ +      <a href=" 
-Time series of environmental temperature, integrated water vapour (IWV) and liquid water path (LWP).+" target="_blank"> 
 +      <img src=" 
 +" width=450> 
 +      </a> 
 +      <a href=" 
 +" target="_blank"> 
 +      <img src=" 
 +" width=450> 
 +      </a> 
 +The left figure shows the 14 channel brightness temperatures plus relative humidity (RH, top row) and temperature (second row) of the environment. On the right figurethe Integrated Water Vapor (IWV, third row) and Liquid Water Path (LWP, last rowderived from TOPHAT brightness temperatures are displayed. 
 + * RHUBC-II: [[:instruments:tophat:quicklooks_rhubc2|quicklooks]] or [[|quicklooks]]. 
 ===== History ==== ===== History ====
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